About Us

Lesbian-interest is an amateur website focused on sapphic entertainment. We share everything interesting around the lesbian representation on screen (film/series). You are about to explore a whole universe of women who fancy women, movie scenes, TV shows, close friendships or shipped couples. We hope you’ll find what you need on this blog.

The contributors are french (european), we are doing our best to correct our grammatical and translation errors since our english speaking audience has increased over the years. We know that a lot of you want a book/webcomic section, but we can’t make such a category for now due to lack of free time.

Historic: the blog was created by Marion in 2012 and is now maintained by Emma Récamier. We are hosted for free thanks to our webmaster friends, Elise, Jérémy and their clique. We are currently rewriting our old entries to make them a little more descriptive or simply more accurate (some categories will reappear soon).

To contact us: send your message to: admin[at]lesbian-interest.com