Andréa & Colette from Call my Agent

Call my Agent, also known as Dix pour cent, is a french TV series with a lesbian lead created by Fanny Herrero. The story is based on an original idea of Dominique Besnehard, Michel Vereecken and Julien Messemackers. The show was broadcast on France 2 in 2015, and was brought by ARTV in Quebec then Netflix since December 2016. Mixing comedy and drama, the series describes the life of a prestigious artistic agency after the accidental death of its founder. At each episode, a movie star plays her own role with some self-mockery. Every day, Andréa, Mathias, Gabriel and Arlette, all agents of the prestigious Agency Samuel Kerr, juggle with delicate situations and must defend their vision of the profession. They skilfully combine art and business, while their private life and professional activities constantly collide. The four acolytes take us behind the scenes of a wild world of celebrities, where laugh, emotion, transgression and tears are only one. Andréa (Camille Cottin) & Colette (Ophélia Kolb) shared many interesting interactions in the first season. Note: a second one is planned for april 2017. This playlist contains two videos of their scenes subtitled and a complete version in original.

Emma Récamier

I'm a french graphic designer and an active contributor on lesbian interest. Since the beginning of my studies, I have been trying to find and promote the work of gay-friendly filmmakers. Enfin, I am a lesbian, obsessed with Sappho, open to any criticisms and recommendations.

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