Inhuman Condition, a supernatural webseries created by RJ Lackie

Inhuman Condition is a supernatural web series writtend by RJ Lackie and released on KindaTV. The story reveals hidden lifes of werewolves, “walkers” and self-hatred people alienated by a supernatural afflictions as they try to blend in human society. Most of them struggles to assume their real identity for fear of being rejected by others. A few of them found refuge in the office of Dr. Michelle Kessler who help them to overcome their problems and face their true nature. As a therapist by trade, Kessler is equal parts strong and empathetic, providing her patients a safe space to explore and understand themselves in a world where losing grip could put their relatives at risk. They will finally be able to confide in someone without fearing the consequences. The series is starring Torri Higginson as the main (bisexual) character.

Emma Récamier

I'm a french graphic designer and an active contributor on lesbian interest. Since the beginning of my studies, I'm helping LGBT friendly filmmakers while developping my professional activities. I identify myself as a femme lesbian. I'm open to any criticism and recommendations.

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