Our Love Story (2016) lesbian movie

Our love story, also known as Yeon-ae-dam, is a Korean auteur film written and directed by HyunJu Lee. It tells the story of Yoon-ju, a graduate student of fine arts who works petty part-time jobs to make ends meet, succeed her graduation exhibition, and lives at her friend Young-eun’s place for a very small rent. Unlike Young-eun who enjoys having no-strings-attached relationships, Yoon-ju is just not into dating. One day, while she is searching materials for her project, she runs into Ji-soo at a junk shop. Watching this girl in an odd place, Yoon-ju finds herself drawn to her. After their initial encounter, they run into each other once again at a convenience store and eventually start dating. Never having enjoyed her previous relationships, Yoon-ju finds Ji-soo fascinating and becomes completely infatuated with her. Our Love Story was released Nov 17, 2016 in South Korea and is now available online in its original version.

Emma Récamier

I'm a french graphic designer and an active contributor on lesbian interest. Since the beginning of my studies, I have been trying to find and promote the work of gay-friendly filmmakers. Enfin, I am a lesbian, obsessed with Sappho, open to any criticisms and recommendations.

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