Parker and Kristina reunion in General Hospital

Parker is back in General Hospital and she was visited by Kristina wednesday. This scene is from one of the last episodes of the series. It was broadcasted in July 20, 2016 on ABC. After a long absence, Parker admits to Kristina that she still has feelings for her in a long monologue where resentment and jalousy shine. Then, she takes the hands of Kristina and tries to reassure her. Parker finally tells her that “she should probably go”. This is where Kristina notices that Parker is no longer wearing her wedding ring. A serious discussion begins and Kristina eventually kiss her former teacher as the latter is in tears on her bed. Who could have imagined to see those two female characters explicitly together in such a conventional show ? This was a great suprise to watch their reunion through a very moving interaction. The actresses featured are Ashley Jones and Lexi Ainsworth. Let’s hope to see more of them.

Emma Récamier

I'm a french graphic designer and an active contributor on lesbian interest. Since the beginning of my studies, I have been trying to find and promote the work of gay-friendly filmmakers. Enfin, I am a lesbian, obsessed with Sappho, open to any criticisms and recommendations.

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