Sick of Losing Soulmates, a sapphic song by Dodie Clark

Sick of Losing Soulmates is a sapphic poem that is part of Dodie‘s new EP called Intertwined. Her song depicts the slow deterioration of an emotionally intense relationship between two girls, the verses expose Dodie’s fear of losing another person she loves above all things. Unfortunatly, she realizes that her genuine feelings won’t prevent the breakup. So she naturally struggles to deal with the situation but promises herself not to lose a lover and a friend in the same process. In her desire to maintain a link despite the imminent separation, she eventually discovers the true meaning of passionate love, which is not always a rosy picture. The official clip was released a few days ago on Vevo. This music video was directed by Sammy Paul. The clip is starring Dottie James and Cambria Bailey-Jones. The lyrics are painfully beautiful.

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